Symphonies of Saturnus

Oktober 05, 2013 · 14 Songs

The concept album SYMPHONIES OF SATURNUS deals with the dark journey of a protagonist following Saturnian influences. A disturbing dynamic occurs immediately after receiving a strange vision. While sleeping, he receives information from a source unknown to him. These energy reports on his current life and current events, which are characterized by war, hunger, suffering, terror and lies. His life in the midst of this world appears deeply unfilled, which he recognizes with clarity and sharpness after awakening. He is in a transcendent state, receives knowledge of a new, completely different perspective on life, which initially impresses him, but also deeply frightens him. Doubts arise in him, he begins to question the matter of course as well as himself while reflecting on himself and his previous life.

The protagonist finally takes courage to free himself from everything that he has previously felt to be real. He frees himself from constraints that bind him to the earthly foundation and initially feels baseless. Driven by the new, unknown force, his mind separates from his body, he falls into a kind of emptiness. Once at the bottom, he gropes around in the dark and searches for a way out of the black nothing. He wanders aimlessly until a new inspiration shows him a way out. It now becomes completely clear to him:

The power arises from Saturn and provides orientation.

In this way he gets back to the surface, with new determination he goes this path unknown to him. His gaze is on the uncertain that lies before him. The further he goes, the more intensely he realizes that he can never go back to a previous life, which he questions. Suddenly the protagonist realizes an expansion of his horizons that dispel any skepticism. Now there is readiness for his new purpose.

An inner feeling of triumph spreads.

He thinks he is on the right path and reaches the destination of his journey, the torments of self-doubt come to an end. Trance-like, he approaches the source of renewal, carried on waves of euphoria. An unprecedented form of energy permeates him. He is born again. Existence according to the Saturnian principles restores the lost balance. His unshakable conviction lies in the destruction of the hypocritical, non-Saturnian world, as the only possible way in which the chosen one must continue to advance.

In deep gratitude to the Saturnian power, he fights for the inevitably resulting, ultimate freedom.

Power, strength, wisdom and insight continue to increase.

This concentration creates a way of existence that struggles to expand into the almighty, unimaginable and strives towards new contexts.


  1. Signals30:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  2. ESP53:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  3. Colossal Void40:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  4. Probe15:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  5. Alienate29:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  6. Aeonized52:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  7. Aeons to come17:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  8. Descent40:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  9. Renaissance34:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  10. The Order of Equilibrium45:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  11. Symphonies of Saturnus Part 1 – The Inheritance56:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  12. Symphonies of Saturnus Part 2 – The Proof15:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  13. Symphonies of Saturnus Part 3 – The Synthesis01:00 · Written by AEONS CONFER
  14. Supremacy13:00 · Written by